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H. Brooke Paige for U.S. Senate - Vermont

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Welcome, I am pleased you have found my website.  For years Vermonters
have sent radical Socialist and "Liberals" to Washington, embarrassing our
great state with plans and schemes designed to bankrupt Vermont and
America. I hope to convince my fellow Vermonters that it is time for a new
direction for our nation - a course toward self-sufficiency and self-reliance w
where citizens understand the importance of providing for themselves and
their families without having to depend on the largess of government and
self-serving politicians who take our hard earned wages and earnings and
spend it freely, unconcerned with the effort and sacrifice we have endured
to earn it. Now please don't misunderstand, I am fully aware that there are
those among us who need help to get by. But many politicians see these
less fortunate folks to be used as a tool to keep them in power. Yes,
provide the less fortunate with just enough to get by, but heaven forbid
we would provide the less fortunate with skills and resources to become
proud self-sufficient citizens - free of the shackles of enslavement to the
government largess.

Running against an entrenched icon is a challenging endeavor, especially when the incumbent is the darling of the Washington and Hollywood elite. These wealthy and powerful out-of-staters have for years stolen the attention of our representatives in Washington by buying their attention and affections. Mr. Sanders had accumulated over five million dollars before the election cycle had begun. If this election is won based upon dollars collected - old Bernie already has it "in the bag"! But wait, the election is not won by dollars in the bank - it is won by winning the hearts and minds of Vermonters. Vermonters are the ones who go to the polls to make their choice. If I am able to convince you that I can best represent VERMONT'S interest in Washington - no amount of Hollywood dollars can buy up the votes of good, honest Vermonters. Do I need support, YES and a modest contribution certainly will help - BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY your support in spreading the word and getting your friends and neighbors interested in my campaign will be the best tonic to help cure Vermont of the "Bernie Blues".
I'm Brooke Paige and I promise: 
Help is on the Way for Vermont and America!

"I do not have all the answers to the nation's complex problems, however I promise you that I do know right from wrong and I will always make decisions with Vermont's best interest at heart!"
H. Brooke Paige - January 2012


 In the picture above: Brooke (LEFT) discusses Vermont "Retail Politics" with his friend Gary Haas, Publisher of The World - Vermont's Award Winning Local Newspaper.

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H. Brooke Paige, Republican for U.S. Senate - Vermont
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